the B A K E B O X ® story

Our mission is simple: To rid the world of crappy baked goods.

BakeBox® is the brainchild of Fran Ferrell and Kathy Waddle of The Village Baker, a third generation baker specializing in artisanal pastries, breads, and even some delights with names you can’t pronounce – ranging from savory to sweet.


It all started with a simple realization: most people have never experienced the joy of a quality baked good. We knew we could help change that by helping people develop an appreciation for quality.

BakeBox invites you back to a time when quality mattered. When bakers used quality ingredients to create a quality product. When they delivered the utmost in freshness and taste, along with beautiful presentation.

It’s why each month we seek to deliver, right on your doorstep (or porch if that’s more your style) a BakeBox® package full of delicious eats. Uniquely handcrafted and made with local in-season ingredients that only get delivered when they meet our gold standard – As Good As Dad’s.

Each BakeBox is a celebration of the baked good. A mixture of treats you know and love, and some you may not even be able to pronounce. The good news? They taste amazing in any language.

So eat up. Next month is just around the corner.

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