the M A N I F E S T O

Ridding the world of

…Crappy Baked Goods…


There was a time when you knew the people you were buying from.

When you knew your butcher. Your tailor. Your baker.

It was a time before artificial preservatives.

Before “shelf life.”  Before the 20 year old Twinkie.


A time when you knew how to pronounce the names of the ingredients used in your food.
When companies maintained standards.
When “good enough” wasn’t good enough.

It was a time when quality mattered.

Well, we would like to present a novel idea:

What if we simply made food the way it used to be?


This is an invitation

to an experience that can’t be mass produced.

To learn to re-enjoy the craft of goods made with passion.

Here at Bakebox

we create artisanal pastries, breads & other delights from savory to sweet, that taste just like you remembered, but with an eclectic twist. Made with real ingredients sourced from local farmers and communities, we give modern flair to the nostalgic tastes you love.

Now some people may say we’re just baking things in an oven.

But for us, it’s about maintaining the legacy
of quality created by our family 3 generations ago.

Sure, you may not always know how to pronounce the names of the goods we create. But we can PROMISE you’ll always be able pronounce the names of the ingredients that went into making them.

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